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Organization Savvy Self-Assessment

"Politics are a reality in any organization, but as this terrific book shows, you don't have to throw your ethics and integrity out the window to master the game. Brandon and Seldman's fresh approach to a taboo topic is as entertaining as it is inspiring. Survival of the Savvy will teach you how to avoid the ego trips and journey with others to greatness."
Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One-Minute Manager and Customer Mania!

"Seldman and Brandon have years of experience coaching and training at companies like PepsiCo to help executives navigate the complexities and ambiguities of organizational politics with integrity and positive impact. Their practical tips on reading political styles, building a network and exercising verbal discipline are invaluable."
Michael D. White, Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo International

"Survival of the Savvy provides CEOs, business leaders, and their teams with vital new insights and essential skills. The authors set the bar at a new height in describing how to effectively understand and influence others and how to ensure a values-based and high-performance work culture."
Edward Ludwig, Chairman, CEO, and President, Becton, Dickinson and Company

"Brandon and Seldman, two clever writers, give a lifeline to anyone treading water or trying synchronized swimming in the corporate shark tank... They fill their book with practical, tactical tips to help protect their readers' assets."
Harvey Mackay, author of Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

"Brandon and Seldman tap into the nervous system of corporations and offer fascinating straight talk about a tacit business taboo — their writing is engaging, entertaining, and easy to relate to."
Deborah Harrington, National Training Director, Citibank North America

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