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Organization Savvy Self-Assessment

Survival of the Savvy and the authors' other work on Organizational Savvy has been singled out for recognition by these prestigious magazines and professional organizations:
  • Wall Street Journal Best Seller List.
  • Forbes CEO Network Book Club Pick, March 2005.
  • Feature Article on Organizational Savvy, ASTD Journal, December 2004.
  • Lead Book Review, Harvard Business Review, December 2004.
  • Book Club Winner, Fast Company Reader's Choice Award, February 2005.
  • Book Review in November 15 issue of the Library Journal.
  • Selected Book of Month, December 2004, Institute for Management Studies.
  • Book Review, Boston Globe, January 2nd 2005.
  • Publisher's Weekly review, November 2004 on Amazon.com.
  • Featured Presenters, The Conference Board, October 2004 (New York City), scheduled for May 2004 (New York City), and June 2004 (San Diego).
  • 18 City Distinguished Faculty Tour, Institute for Management Studies, 2005 (scheduled).
  • Featured Presenters, International ASTD Conference, June 2005 in Orlando, FL (scheduled).
  • Cornerstone Training and Development Programs at many Fortune 500 and other companies.
  • Radio, TV and Print appearances for many national and local stations, newspapers and magazines.
  • Featured advisors on www.OfficePolitics.com where Seldman and Brandon wade in with their savvy advice to questions submitted in the popular Office-Politics Forum. Also check out the OfficePoliticsGame®, a great addition to a corporate gift basket or entertainment for your next company party. It's a dilemma-based social party game that teaches you how to play, and laugh, at office politics.

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