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Organization Savvy Self-Assessment

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The first half of Survival of the Savvy provides a bracing wake-up call for managers and staff. Despite excellent intentions, many of us focus too narrowly on our own output, facts, logic, and analysis. As staff employees, managers, or executives, we may assume that our results will speak for themselves — only to discover later that we are the victims of "behind-the-scenes" forces operating in our organizations. We may not build enough support for our ideas, or we might be blind to hidden agendas, power relationships, and the politics that sometimes determine how decisions are made. We could be diminishing our influence and impact or short-changing ourselves out of career opportunities. We may not receive proper credit or recognition, and may even be vulnerable to sabotage by power-driven colleagues or bosses.

The second half of Survival of the Savvy sounds a top executive wake-up call. As leaders, we are stewards for our companies' resources, results, and reputations. We all know how these assets can be scorched by overly political individuals. So, Survival of the Savvy picks up where all other books on organizational politics stop — by providing step-by-step recommendations so that leaders can gauge their organization's political health, build savvy but ethical teams, and forge a culture of high-integrity politics in their companies.

Survival of the Savvy will help you to adjust your attitudes about power and politics, confront your naiveté about organizational dynamics that are often swept under the carpet, and recognize tip-offs that you may be vulnerable. The book's fast-paced approach uses case studies, dynamic skill-based prescriptions, self-assessment tools, and an "edu-taining" writing style to prevent you from being passed over, under-estimated, rendered expendable, or even purposely blocked from implementing your ideas or being promoted. In a nutshell, you'll learn to extend your individual "impact with integrity", to gain greater influence for your entire team, and, ultimately, to reshape the political terrain of your enterprise.

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